Frequently asked questions

What models are available?

Flourish Tiny Homes works with Vintage Cottages Designs on the West Coast, who have been building backyard cottages and tiny houses for years using an efficient, traditional & proven framing system. As a wholesale alternative, we don’t maintain a “show room,” but you can see our model in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Because of increased demand and to ensure efficiency (low cost for you), we generally limit ourselves to these 4 proven eclectic models: The Big Little Bungalow, The Metro-Retro, the Vineyard Gypsy, and the Cedar Gray Classic. Vintage Cottages has gained notoriety as the most affordable #1 quality tiny house builder on the West Coast, and we believe Flourish Tiny Homes will prove the same here in the South and Midwest - Perfect for a guest cottage, granny flat, home office, art studio, teen bunk house and more! Flourish Tiny Homes is now the first and only regional wholesale distributor set up to serve Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and the rest of the heartland, keeping delivery costs to you very affordable, usually only a flat fee of $550 - $850 within 4 – 6 hour drive of Tulsa, Oklahoma (we can ship further at an increased cost of delivery).

What kind of foundation does it require?

All of our tiny homes are delivered on their own triple axle, heavy duty trailer with all the paperwork you need to register and license your trailer. Occasionally, our customers will unload the cottages from the trailer and then set them up on 8” X 8” solid concrete piers, or even an RV pad, giving a firm, low to the ground (and inexpensive) solid foundation.

What about bathrooms and kitchens?

Our market niche is in designing and delivering a very affordable, gorgeous cottage solution thousands less than a typical retail price. However, we do not cut corners or compromise quality materials or craftsmanship. All of our standard cottages include a bathroom with full size fixtures and an attractive kitchen area. This typically includes: a full size shower, porcelain toilet and pedestal sink in the bathroom, a kitchen base cabinet, kitchen counter, kitchen sink and hot water heater for the kitchenette. Appliances (fridge and range) are always up to you and can be easily added by you after delivery.

Is the interior fully finished?

Yes! People often think that because of our amazing pricing, these models must just be unfinished “shells.” You can buy a shell with an unfinished interior if you would like to finish it out yourself, but our standard tiny home includes a fully finished interior. This includes warm knotty pine walls, hardwood laminate floors, full electrical/plumbing package and quality trim and molding- all are standard. Our DIY shell has an exterior that is 100% complete but the interior is unfinished, ready for you to use your own creativity in finishing your tiny home. This can be a great option to put your own personality and design onto your cottage house. Buying a shell in this manner can save you as much as $9200 from our wholesale price list.

What about the electrical system?

The finished interior includes a full wiring and electrical package, including a 125 amp electrical panel (the unit requires only 50 amps to run everything). This means your cottage is delivered ready to have your own local electrician or handyman do the final hook up of the electrical panel to your power source. Many owners use a standard 50 amp RV Cord.

Do I need permits?

Almost every city and county has a standard exemption size that allows you to have an additional or ancillary building on your property without requiring a building permit. The size allowed varies from city to city and county to county. Often this is 200 sq. ft. However, often this is not factor when your cottage is mobile and on wheels. It is always your responsibility to inquire and confirm the need for permits and to obtain them, if required. You also want to comply with local electrical and plumbing codes and permits (if required), and to conform to required set backs from property lines. Tiny homes or cottages on wheels and trailers normally do not need a building permit (treated like an RV or a camping trailer), but you may need permits to connect permanently to utilities. You also can connect your toilet drain line using a portable above-ground septic tank (Typically $400) . This portable septic tank (which allows you not to have to connect to a sewer) can be serviced by a local septic company once every two months or so. (The “gray water" from sinks and showers is usually recycled into your garden or landscape- a very eco friendly option).

What do I need to do to have my tiny home site-ready?

All that is required is that the site be cleared from any brush or debris and relatively level. You can leave your tiny home on the trailer or set it down on concrete blocks, with each block sitting on a small 3” gravel base. The cottage can be stabilized and leveled using standard RV style scissor jacks that are very affordable online.

How energy efficient are the tiny homes?

A full-insulation package is included for the floor, the walls and the ceiling. This also includes a solid double-moisture and air vapor barrier in the floors, ceiling and walls. We pride ourselves in using only premium quality, energy-efficient materials. Our windows and doors are all double-pane, insulated with Low E glass. Each tiny home is carefully sealed and caulked during the assembly process, and the smaller size of the structure, plus the tight and careful construction, ensure that the home is very energy efficient. Many of our homes are completely heated with only a simple 1500 watt radiant electric heater.

Do you have financing?

At this time we do not. As a wholesale builder and distributor, we are not set up like a retailer with a financing arm. Most of our customers use private loans, savings or sometimes obtain an RV loan from their lender.

What about heating and a/c?

Because of our quality craftsmanship and resulting energy efficiency, many of our homes are completely heated with only a simple 1500 watt radiant electric heater/ac unit.

How long does it take to get my tiny home, when I'm ready?

We don't rush good craftsmanship, so it typically takes about forty-five days to build once we've received the brand-new triple-axle trailer system. Count on about two months from when you make your first deposit.